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fanfics where soul and maka playfully tease each other and bicker back and forth and act like they hate each other but u know they dont = ok

fanfics where soul and maka borderline verbally abuse each other, have a grossly codependent relationship, and actually hate each other = not ok or accurate in the slightest how could you screw up so IMMENSELY 

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Speak Now pt 1


I’ve been toying with this idea for a few days now, and I finally wrote it. This one shot turned out to be longer than I originally thought it would be so there will be a part 2! I can promise you that!

The first time she ever saw him, it was their third year in college, and he was working in the coffee shop on campus. The memory of him was crisp and fresh in her mind as the years had gone by since that fateful day.

Standing in line at the coffee shop, her mind wandered, and she couldn’t recollect why she found him to be so enticing. She is in such a close proximity to him that she could distinctly smell cinnamon, and leather wafting off him. The smell had invaded her senses, and she found it very alluring. If his smell didn’t win her over then his strange looks sure did. Maka had never seen anyone with snowy locks like his, or his weird eye color. When he spoke, his voice wrapped around her body like silk. It was so sensual that it left goosebumps along her skin. The way his mouth moved to form each syllable was unique in its own way. It would linger on a certain letter as he drawled it out in a way only he could.

All of her senses were so wrapped up in him, that she hadn’t heard a word he said to her.

Mentally shaking herself from the stupor, she tried to focus on his words, but quickly realized that he was waiting for her to speak. She bit down on her lip, and prepared herself for the inevitable. She would have to admit she hadn’t been paying attention to what he told her, but there was no way she’d admit the thoughts that had crossed her mind.

"I’m sorry, I didn’t catch any of that." She rolled her teeth along her bottom lip as she paused. "Could you repeat it… please?"

The man sighed as his droopy eyes made him appear even more bored. “I asked what would you like. Ya know, the most simplest question someone who works in my position could ask.”

"Oh, right. Of course." How idiotic could she be that she hadn’t thought of that. Looking up at the menu she quickly scanned it for a drink that appeared to be quench worthy. "Can I have a tall vanilla latte, please?"

He grabbed a cup, wrote down her order, and then told her how much it was without another word. As she stood waiting for her drink, she observed his movements once again. He didn’t appear to notice when the younger girls - most like freshmen - behind her had tried to flirt nor did he do anything when a customer overreacted to them not having decaf. The only sign that he had noticed both incidents was when he rolled his eyes to them. Whoever this man was, Maka was determined to find out, and possibly - hopefully - get to know him while doing so.

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